Your Home Selling Strategy

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Whether it's your first time selling a home or your fourth, you always need an action plan tailored to your home. The Realtor® you choose will have their listing strategy that will be presented to you. Here's how you can help achieve a successful sale that meets your goals. 

Price it Right: A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is the foundation for understanding your competition and the current housing market and trends. Over-pricing a home in the beginning can have negative longterm effects on your final sales price. Buyers may view your home as out of negotiation range and the home may sit for too long and become 'stale'. Price it competitively to attract attention & receive offers. Listing prices are an art, not an exact science. Review with your Realtor® reasons your home may differentiate with a comparable sale down the street. No two homes are alike and no two buyers are alike. 

Make it Stand Out: Attention to detail and home care are noticeable. They will give the buyer an overall feeling about the home they are buying. Too many little things to add to the repair list and they can be exhausted before they walk in the door. Tackle your To-Do list before listing. A little elbow grease to bring your home back to its original glory will have your home at the top of buyers lists. From De-cluttering to minor repairs to deep-cleaning, Ask your Realtor® what they recommend to help your listing get the most attention. 

Be Ready for Showing & Negotiations: Its not an easy task trying to sell a home you still live in. The prep work can make all the difference. First, start with your de-cluttering process long before listing. If you plan to downsize, do it now. You can even start to pack up non-essential items and decor to start showcasing your home space. Be flexible when it comes to home showings and work out a quick cleaning plan for last minute appointments to have your home in the best showing condition. When negotiations are happening, emotions and tension can run high. Have an open mind and stay focused on the big picture. There is usually a middle ground that can help make a home sale a win-win scenario.